A photo essay about footwear choices


Black shoes are the conservative choice, for they are suitable for almost all formal occasions. High heels also represent feminine beauty and elegance, and a special design at the heel section makes the shoes less rigid, which indicates you are a detail-oriented woman.无标题.png

Nowadays, pointy shoes are more popular than round toes; they seem fashionable and sexy. The dark-colour design is to show a person’s maturity and profession. If one do not like pure black design, a pair of embellished shoes is more suitable. The front black bow and white spots on the black top help to demonstrate an open and vivid personality; the red heel at the back burnishes a person’s image.


Costumes in Downton Abbey

The TV series ‘Downton Abbey’ depicts a story of an upper class family in 1920s.  Cloche hats, headbands and long necklaces epitomize women’s sense of fashion in 1920s.

Susannah Buxton designed the costumes in 2010. According to Susannah Buxton, more than three dresses are prepared for each lady, including tea gowns, nightgowns and other necessities to demonstrate lifestyle of upper class. Costumes in a historical drama are partly designed and partly hired. For instance, lady Mary’s dress (middle) is literally made; lady Edith’s dress (right) is borrowed from previous series; and lady Sybil’s (left) is an authentic Edwardian gown. These costumes reflect everyone’s status and responsibility. Vintage fragments, such as lace, pleating and beading enrich the garments, also reveal women’s preference and taste. Generally speaking, costume is not likely to be seen in real life, but through it the audiences get a chance to step into the world of Downton Abbey and have a better understanding of fashion in 1920s.


Shop report- Burberry

Burberry opened its flagship on Regent Street, which is a well known spot attracting both tourists and the local. Combining historical features and digital technologies.


Interior ornament and products inside:

Burberry Regent Street impresses visitors with high-class and luxurious environment. The viewing from the balcony of the second floor, the store looks like a theater. At the center of the building, there is a large auditorium; daylight shines can through a glass dome. Bespoke area is designed to offer customized service.

Burberry has developed a range of collections, including outfits, scarves and accessories. Trench coats are the brand’s fashion symbol. A sales assistant told me Burberry’s trench coats generally fall into two categories; one is inherited and the other is seasonal. The difference is inherited collections will never back off the stage of fashion.

Fashion archive draft


Striped cotton crinolette with spring steel hoops, British, ca. 1870. By 1865 the outline of the fashionable dress changed. The shape at the back of the body grew more exaggerated with a distinctive flattening at the front. Crinolettes, or half-crinolines, marked the mid-point between the cage crinoline and the bustle. They often had extra loops of steel, which acted as a bustle.

From 1866 the crinoline craze began to subside. They were fashionable between 1867 and the mid 1870s. They were often composed of half hoops with extra loops of steel at the top to give more support. Some were laced inside like a corset. This lacing, combined with the tying of internal tapes, enabled the shape of the structure to be adjusted.


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Week 1 shoe exercise

In today’s session we had a lecture about different shoes and we need to pick a shoes discuss about it in each group. My group was a Chinese old style shoes, it was red colour flat shoes. The edge of shoes have a thick whiskers and decorate as embroidery. We learned some key term to describe the shoes. Such as shelter, protection, utility, modestry and seduction. We think the key term seduction is relates to the shoes we were given.

I picked a book called High hells: fashion femininity seduction as the further research, this book is about The high-heeled shoe conjures self-assured allure and erotic intoxication like no other item of women’s wear. Just recently the high heel has undergone a massive resurgence in popularity, in part reinventing itself through an overt invoking of fetish, with which the heel has of course always had some relationship. Built around a selection of images of heels from contemporary photography. High Heels is a visual odyssey through the powerful ideas of beauty, danger and seduction that the high heel evokes. I think shoes play an important part in what different cultures consider to be sexy. sexy shoes affect the movements of the body. titillating the watcher and creating a sensual experience for the wearer.